Domahidy Designs bikes featured in press from around the world.

“The Carbon Road is a terrific bike.” – Road Bike Action, April 2016 (download)
April_5280_1 Domahidy Designs and Steve Domahidy featured in Velo News article “Cycling’s Industrial Revolution” – Velo News, February 2016 (download)
April_5280_1 Interview with Domahidy Designs founder Steve Domahidy – Road Bike Action, January 2016 (download)
April_5280_1 “One of the world’s most innovative bike builders takes his newest ride to the streets – and the masses.”– 5280 Magazine, April 2015 (download)
“You could use it as a race bike, or you could use it as a trail bike. Either way, the Domahidy will leave you with a smile on your face…The Domahidy is a hardtail enthusiasts dream.”– Mountain Bike Action, March 2015 (download) “Accelerating out of the corners was almost as fun as laying the bike over through the apex. Carrying speed through the rollers and small fields of rock was painless with the great geometry and, again, the compliance of steel.”– Mountain Flyer, number 35 (download)
“Fresh off the heals of a great ‘first look’ from Bicycling Magazine, Domahidy Designs announced today their commitment to grass roots by launching a custom road bike program available to any group or race team across the country.” (download)

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